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2006 Results

Semi-Finals: Saturday, May 6th 2006

Hing/Daniels d. Settles/Yukawa, 8-4

Webb/Frazier d. Emhardt/Frost, 8-5

Finals: Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Webb/Frazier d. Hing/Daniels, 7-6 (7-4), 1-6, 8-6

After more than two hours and six match points the team of Andy Webb (Shingle Springs, CA) and Kevin Frazier (La Canada, CA) were victorious over Don Daniels (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) and Greg Hing (Scottsdale, AZ) 7-6(7-4), 1-6, 8-6.

After solid semifinal performances on Saturday the two teams took the courts at 10:00am Sunday morning with Fred Emhardt, (Carmel, IN) in the chair. Webb/Frazier won the toss and elected to receive .

After trading a couple of breaks early it came down to Webb serving to hang on to the first set down 4-5. After some sharp volley exchanges and two consecutive serve return winners, Webb was down 15-40 and looking at double set point. Webb didn't seem to notice as he blasted four big serves to level the match at 5-5. In the breaker Web and Frazier got up 7-1. It seemed as though Hing and Daniels were going to sneak their way back into the breaker but to no avail. Web closed out the breaker at 7-4 with a forhand volley down the line.

The second set seemed to be all about the heat. With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Webb/Frazier seemed to lose their steam and Daniels and Hing dominated, taking the set 6-1 in a routine aerial display ala Hing


The third set was all about endurance. This late in the mach Daniels appeared to be enjoying a second wind. He finessed the first serve wide and closed on a high forhand volley smashing it down the middle. After getting up 40-15 Webb and Frazier answered with solid net play and precision targeting. Before he knew, Daniels was down two match points but refused to crack, holding serve by cracking another overhead down the middle.

Frazier walked to the line to serve out the match at 5-4. After two hours the grass had begun to dry out a bit, popping up the serve a bit and allowing the returning team an extra moment to get a better look. Daniels and Hing were taking full advantage by consistently hitting penetrating returns low and crosscourt setting up a break point. The pressure may have been too much as Frazier as he double faulted on his first match point, ; it's even at 5-5. Daniel holds at love, 5-6. Webb holds under heavy pressure down two break points; 6-6 with no tie breakers in the final set.

Hing was next to serve. Fatigued, he was relying more on placment than pace yet deftly widdled his way to a 30-love lead and it looked liked the end may be in sight. Perhaps that was what Greg was thinking. Perhaps that's what Andy Webb was thinking too. Webb answers with a big return down the line winner. At 30-15 Frazier hits a backhand return low cross court and pop's up sitter which Webb routines, 30-30. An uncharacteristic double gives Webb/Frazier their look at break point. After some incredible reflex exchanges, some net cords and wood, Webb/Frazier grab the break to give Frazier another look at serving it out.

Webb/Frazier were using every second of their allotted 60 seconds at the side switch. After giving up a total of five match points, three on serve, Frazier had had enough. At match point he kicked in an off speed first serve wide, followed it up with a good shoelace backhand volley crosscourt which was just too well placed for Hing as he chopped it low and in the net.

Upon completion of the 2 hour and 12 minute match Webb and Frazier embraced in what was Webb's first Woody appearance and Frazier's third wood ball tying the all time record.

Back Row: Joe Schartrman, Ted Hagey, Jim Settles, Jr., Eric Ramsey, Matt Bullock, Granville Swope, Kevin Frazier, Jim Settles, Sr., Mike Graham, Front Row: Joe Kells, Tad Yukawa, Greg Hing, Sean Frost, Fred Emahardt, Andy Webb, Don Daniels.