Check-in Woody 18

With a variety of ages and abilities, the Woody draw is a combination of round robin, random drawing for partners as well as Woody "chips," (hanicap points ranging for -2 to +5 points per round) to acheive the proper seeding.

This draw/seed/"chip" averaging is the culmination of decades of statical analysis perfomed by CRAY computers in association with the CERN and LHC laboratories.

Below; Mike Graham makes the most of a bad situation - chair umpire without a chair.

*Note - first Woody final officiated in a tye-dye T-shirt.

Player Lounge -

Mike Graham played through eight round with two broken ribs.

Dennis Gibson out in the second round with a torn calf muscle.

First injury retirement in Wood play.

With tempuratures in the low '80's players and guests were comfortable. Below Valerie Yardumain and Julia McNew (Waco, TX) enjoy woodness...