Mike Graham

1996 woody semifinals when Hingman and I romped over the hapless MatthewBullock and Kevin Frazier who resembled whinning bitch slapped dogs after we won !!!!! " I had embibed on a breakfast of vicodin, heieneken and No. Calif. oatmeal to transport me into a zen state and victory !!!!" This has to go down as Matt and Kevin's worst loss making it MY best victory !!!!!!

Career highlights include:

*98 Grateful Dead Shows
*100 pounds of outmeal consumed in lifetime. Here is how i derived the total. 2 oz per month for last 20 years . I guess it is more like 40 pounds
but that has to extrapolate to over 100 K $$$$...wow.

*Colorado HIgh School, All State in Basketball and Golf 1979
*Dominated ASU intramural basketball with most satisfying win coming over Gran, Jamo , Joe the pro and Ray the football star in 1982 .