I was born in Phoenix, Az, on 3-7-59 (yes, that makes me one of a handful of Chinese American Arizona natives). My interest in tennis began when my parents would go down to the local high school and my sisters and I would bring our tricycles (I was a mean 3-wheeler!).

I played my first tourney when I was 9 years old and reached my tennis peak at age 12 (#17 Nationally). It's been a long, rough downhill slide since then.

I went to Stanford in '77. I was recruited as a top notch warm-up partner. These skills served me well in my years at Stanford and I was consistently rated one of the top warmer-uppers on the team. Our teams won 3 NCAA Championships thanks in large part to the coach's decision to use me on the bench (who says Gould can't coach).

After school, I played some satellites and coached Kathy Jordan, Alycia Moulton and Andrea Jaeger (not at the same time). Like Dick Gould, they also felt my strength was on the bench.

I returned to AZ, worked for my dad and ran a Junior Excellence clinic with Jim Settles. I went to law school in '87 (UC Davis). Now I practice law and help manage the Scottsdale Athletic Club.

I married Jean Marie during law school and we have 2 boys, Spencer, 1-21-90, and Jarod, 2-24-98. Jean Marie has somehow put up with me for 13+ years. (What can I say? I'm male and Chinese--relationship communication is not my strength!)

Some of the coaching tips that I have learned along the way:
"Just win the last point" - Lou Belken
"Serve into the body" - Everybody (when you don't have a big serve, you hear this a lot)
"Just get the f_ _ _ing ball in!" - Anonymous

Tennis Highlights (not necessarily in this order):
Coaching at Wimbledon and French Open
Winning the Woody 2001 w/ Joe Kells
Playing mixed doubles with my wife (this should be good for some ____)
National Men's 35 Hardcourt Doubles Champion
Playing in China with a Chinese-American team
National Amateur Claycourt Mixed Doubles Champion
Pacific Coast Doubles Consolation winner w/ Jim Settles
Any time I can beat John Byron and Glen Holroyd in doubles (it's a rare feat)
Friday Night Doubles for 10+ years
Playing the Woody

2001 Champs Greg w/ Joe Kells and friends Meredith & Bill Asher